Kay Rashka
                           Bead Meets Metal - Jewelry Design and Instruction
embellishment . . . an ornament or decoration, a useful accessory, something that lends grace or beauty,  a manner or quality that adorns
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Artist Statement:

Hand wrought sterling and fine silver serve as a backdrop and sculptural foundation for each design.  Incorporating movement, textures, sound and color into wearable, functional art wear.

I have been teaching metalsmithing and jewelry making classes for the past 14 years, after beginning metalsmithing over 25 years ago to satisfy a craving for the love of silver artisan jewelry.

Thank you for your interest in my work!
Mom's Jewelry Box:

Composed of vintage and freshwater pearls, rhinestone and costume jewelry, crystals and seed beads. 

As a child I always enjoyed playing with my mother’s vintage jewelry and today I love to collect and wear it.

As part of an employee art show where I am employed I created this bejeweled mosaic as a tribute to my mother Marilyn Rashka, who passed away on April 27, 2002.
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front view
front left view
back view