Kay Rashka
                           Bead Meets Metal - Jewelry Design and Instruction
embellishment . . . an ornament or decoration, a useful accessory, something that lends grace or beauty,  a manner or quality that adorns
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Photo Viewing Tips
  • Click on a small photo to see a larger and more detailed version in another browser window or tab. There you can zoom in (see next bullet point) to see high quality colors and contrasts in the pieces. Note that Internet quality photos are roughly just 1%-2% of the original picture quality, so may look grainy on your screen with very high zoom factor.
  • Though every Internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, etc) is a bit different, most have photo viewing features that allow you to see more details of the photo. Often, these features are found under the View menu, or via shortcut buttons at the top or bottom of the browser frame.
Sample: Click on photo to see more detail